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International Convention of Model Shipbuilding in Rochefort, France

Michel Mantin, who is a member of AAMM and previous editor of the magazine Neptune, and further my friend as well as a honorary member of The Rope, visited Tokyo on an occasion of the 40th anniversary of The Rope. Michel delivered a special lecture at the ceremony together with honorary members of SMA of California. Some members of The Rope asked Michel about a possibility of holding exhibition of ship models in France. Upon his return, this inquiry was discussed at AAMM and the captioned convention and exhibition became a reality in this coming October.

International ship model convention and exhibition will be held this coming October 17 through October 21 at Rochefort, France inviting models mainly from Europe. 15 members of The Rope will be participating with 10 models to be brought from Japan. Over 100 models will be exhibited. Outside of France, models are expected from Italy, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Netherlands and the United States. A variety of seminars are also planned at the convention. 

Information of the convention and exhibition can be obtained at following URL. 



Reporter ID108 Norio Uriu


The Rope News No.101 Issued.